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The past IS the future... Amiga Forever is the single best way to run AmigaOS today. Your PC is the fastest Amiga that will ever exist, and Cloanto does a wonderful job of packing the emulation technology, every AmigaOS ROM and Workbench version (most of which I've long since lost to data rot on my floppy collection), games, utilities, Web tools, graphics programs, most anything you would need, all in one place. While I still own an Amiga 3000, this is the usual way I have been running AmigaOS for some years now. It's cool to have the same AmigaOS environment, whether I'm hosting it under Windows or Linux. And there's nothing like Workbench on one of my hi-res LCD monitors... no "FlickerFixer" necessary!
Dave Haynie

It is great to see you are still supporting the Amiga community. I think the Amiga would have died if not for the Cloanto folks.
Pierre L.

Such a happy phenomenon that Amiga and C64 continue to be the leaders of the retro computing communities. I think that your diligence in shepherding the Amiga and Commodore properties has been critical to that, so you deserve a lot of credit for the longevity of the legacy (along with a big Thank You from me and every techno geek I know).
Aaron R.

I've used your products for so long I can't remember - from Personal Paint to Amiga Forever. Too many years! Now my kids ranging from 20 to 3 years old have fun with the computers I grew up with. More power to you and the best of luck in the future! Only Cloanto makes it possible!
Damian P. 

Your software ROCKS. I did not grow up with the Amiga, but I am really enjoying the Retro Gaming through Amiga Forever!
Brian E.

It's amazing to have everything back - such memories!
Harry D.

I'm really loving the entire thing... I never owned an Amiga or played with one, and I'm really enjoying experiencing it all for the first time. You guys keep up the great work!
Rob L.

Thank you for the helpful advice. Out of all the tech support I've gotten, Cloanto has the best.
Leo W.

You are amazing.... Thank you so much for continuing your archival efforts with the wonderful Amiga platform. It's my all-time favorite, and thanks to your dedication and perseverance over the years, I've been able to continue to enjoy (and it is JOY!) entering the world of Amiga and share it with my children.
Dean D.

Thanks to you and Amiga Forever, I started collecting Amiga gear again. In my opinion, the Amiga fever came back because of this reason.
Roberto R.

You guys have done an amazing job. Your dedication and commitment to the Amiga maintains the proud memories I have of owning several in past years.
Keir H.

The craziest thing about Amiga Forever is that, in a surprisingly large number of cases, you can do things faster running Amiga software under the Amiga emulator running on Windows than you can running Windows software natively under Windows itself.
Todd K.

I started my professional career in computing in 1982 as an operator on PDP 11/70 and Prime minicomputers and I have to say that Amiga Forever shows how software should be written, pity most of the current generation of app developers can't achieve the same standards!
Gary S.

This year's release of Amiga Forever is just amazing! The new Amiga Forever Player is really well presented and runs perfectly, I love it. I didn't think this could get any better and I'm pleased I was wrong! I want to thank everybody on the Amiga Forever team for bringing us this fine release.
Paul C.

What a fantastic compilation! Thanks so much to all who made it possible... it brought back memories of when computing was really fun. Worth much more than what I paid for it!
David R.

Appreciate your work... I was a young kid in the 80s and when dad came home from work one day with a brand new Amiga 1000 it was one of the most exciting days of my life :)
Nev S.

Thank you for your incredibly swift response to my request and for your continued support of the Amiga platform. How I miss those days when the Amiga was the only true graphics-based computer. It managed to deliver next generation game graphics without the need for a $1000 GPU like today's PCs. How I remember the first time I loaded Battle Chess. Ah, those were the days. Keep up the good work!
Dennis B.

Thanks to you I was able to play this game and my two kids are absolutely thrilled to bits.
Cynrick L.

In addition to selling software, Cloanto sells fond memories. They have no doubt come as close as science has ever come to creating a time machine, the dials of which are set to sometime between the 80's and the early part of the following millennium. When using their amazingly easy to use software, it took me back in time 25 years instantly and I found myself grinning like the school boy I was back then, while rocking some of the coolest old-school games ever, watching some of the most groundbreaking and amazingly artistic demoscene productions by some of the most talented coders out there and even throwing down a little code myself! Thanks for the memories, Cloanto! Keep up the great work!
Rick H.

I'm thankful you and your team have produced such a reliable product that, for me, is more like a time machine. It's always fun to fire up my AmigaForever and relive those days.
Steve S.

The presentation is even more professional than ever and looks really great, surpassing your normal high standards! The new additions are fantastic. I didn't realize there was so much material surviving from the C= days.
Robert W.

You guys are doing an outstanding job! You have a wonderful product, best wishes and hope for many more releases.
Shayne B.

Amiga Forever is a fantastic product and easily the best software purchase decision I've ever made. I used to love my Amiga when I was a kid and now, with Amiga Forever, I've fallen in love with the Amiga all over again.
Paul C.

The package arrived today and I have to say this is just an amazing version, with all these DVDs and all. I knew it would be worth the wait, but still it exceeded my expectations, so big thanks to you all!
Eero K.

It's really worth each single cent, a great product!
Martin H.

Very polished & very happy with the extra videos. Some brought tears of joy & sadness to my eyes. HUGE HUGE!! THANK YOU. To you and all the team at Cloanto.
André S.

Just wanted to tell you all THANK YOU VERY MUCH for adding subtitles to every video on Amiga Forever Premium DVDs. I'm hearing impaired and was worried that I couldn't be able to enjoy the videos, but I've been proven wrong.
Michael M.

It's pretty much seamless and flawless. THIS is the package that should "go gold" - and by that meaning 500,000 copies being sold. It would be great if PC (Windows) users could get a glimpse of the Amiga OS (3.9 is pretty much the latest legally available) and try it out. For those who are thinking - think no more - BUY THIS PRODUCT.
Rich W.

Thanks very much for your help, it's nice to have a company who are willing to help all the way, too often you find they don't, so it is much appreciated!
Mark S.

I must say I'm amazed how Amiga Forever works, I didn't realize there was such a program available and am so happy I found it.
Paul B.

Thank you for all your efforts and a remarkable achievement. I had thought that I must abandon my favorite and productive Amiga software - now you have allowed me to continue to use it all on my Windows video editing machine.
David L.

It enabled me to retrieve all my work done on the Amiga these past 10 years from my SCSI drives. I look forward to trying out the new version.
David W.

Thank you for a brilliant update and let me pledge my ongoing support for the future.
Greg T.

I wanted to say "thanks"... I can see that every effort has been made to make the transition from PC or Amiga hardware to Amiga emulation a smooth one... Thank you again for supporting long-time Amiga fans!
Tom R.

I get the warm fuzzies just looking at the interface of both the 1.3 and 3.0 Workbenches. PLEASE keep up the good work...
Keith T.

And I have to say - this is well worth the money. This brings back many memories. I especially like the Enhanced 3.X mode. I should have purchased this years ago. :)
Keith H.

Please, keep up the good work. Amiga Forever 2012 is a work of art.
David C. S.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the new 2012 version! I am a Cloanto customer since 1995 (Personal Paint) and using Amiga Forever since version 1.0. When you introduced the Player I did not like it that much. Comparing to what it is now these are Worlds Apart. Most of all I like the new Systems section. It is like having my own Amiga Museum whenever I want. The CD³² usability is also a huge leap forward, love it!! Keep up this Fabulous Work (although I can't imagine what you could improve ;-))
Michel W.

Thank you again for an incredible product, and excellent customer service. I am very happy to have gotten this working with your help.
James. H.

I did receive my shipment of Amiga Forever and don't think I could be more satisfied and pleased. I have recommended it to all other Amiga fans or potential Amiga fans that I am in contact with via phone, email or in person. I use it almost every day and look forward to even greater functionality and ease of use in the future.
David M.

Thanks for all your assistance. All websites should be as responsive.
James W.

Cloanto's done a great thing here. Thank you.
Craig T.

Thanks for bringing the Amiga back to me!!
Daniel A.

Great stuff guys! Keep Commodore Amiga Alive.
Darren W.

Great product. A trip down "memory" lane!
Paul T.

Extras are really, really cool stuff.
Sami R.

Amiga Forever 2008 is the best product I've ever used since I ordered it early this year.
Timmy R.

Thank you for your continued support of the Amiga. I do think Amiga Forever is one of the main reasons why the Amiga is still around.
Martin L.

It's heartening to know that at least someone is actually taking care of the Amiga, Actually much better than Amiga Inc. itself!
Max A.

Keep up the good work. Thank you for this great product.
Sascha S.

Thanks for this great product :)
Evert J.

Great product, easy to use!
Mikko V.

You guys did an EXCELLENT job with Amiga Forever! Well worth the money.
Troy B.

Your product has meant that I can use Bars & Pipes again right here on my PC to revisit some old compositions from past projects... which is a total Godsend!
Tim W.

Fantastic product.
Brian B.

Please continue to support our Loved Amiga... Thanks a lot for that.
Hubert S.

I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with the support I received from one your techs... I had a fairly strange problem, which he went straight to the heart of, and fixed it in an efficient and timely manner. From the time stamps on the emails, I can tell that he was working some hours, and on Sunday.
Gerald B.

I wanted to thank you for putting this package together. I love having all of the materials gathered together to facilitate emulation of this complex computer. Your work is obviously a labor of love. I have also enjoyed the historical components of the premium disc set and it is with great nostalgia that I watch the videos you have collected. The Amiga was such an important computer for its era and personally for myself and my own career in computers... Thanks for your effort in preserving these computers so that people like myself have an easy way to enjoy them.
Dan C.

I really love this product. it is so well designed - Like the Amiga, itself, really... The Amiga's legacy is certainly safe, in your able hands. I am very pleased with it all.
Mark P.

I really appreciate the work that you guys do, the Amiga was a big part of my life. It was a time in my life which I wish could have lasted forever. Well then we grow older, need I say more. Having owned an A500, A1500 + 8mb, A1200 with FPU 68020 + 4mb, A4000/040, I will always say the Amiga was Light years ahead and will always be the best there was.
Peter G. N.

You and the crew are on almost a "sacred" mission. The Amiga really was the coolest computer - made by engineers (Jay Miner) and artists alike. I mean who calls their OS "Intuition"? It is my pleasure supporting you...
Ben P.

After more than 20 years, it is still a pleasure to keep in touch with the world of the Amiga.
Roland G.

Thank you for the program. The best money I have spent. I have lived many old memories.
David T.

I am very happy with the software and your company. From an old time Amiga geek, I appreciate everything you have accomplished, and continue doing. The old platform may have faded somewhat, but should never be lost. If the basics are lost, the future will be nothing but a hollow shell. Please continue your efforts and I will continue to support you. Again, thank you.
Mike P.

Thank you. I appreciate you guys keeping the technology alive!
Scott M.

When the Amiga was in production, in my view, it was a much better machine than the Windoze clones and the Macs. I remember seeing my first Amiga at the local computer club and was totally amazed. The leader of the Amiga section of the club became a friend of mine and I watched him turn his Amiga into a thing of magic. It could do things that the PCs and Macs could only dream about. Would I love to see a reborn Commodore-Amiga company, you bet! But the different parties have been yelling at each other ever since Commodore went out of business with little to show for all the hot air expended. In my experience, the only company that has consistently put out a workable product was Cloanto. If a new Commodore-Amiga company is going to emerge, it will be because Cloanto pushed and nurtured it into being.
Tom P.

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