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The preconfigured Amiga ROM, OS and application software files distributed with Amiga Forever (Plus Edition and Premium Edition DVDs) can directly be used with different GNU/Linux ports of the UAE and Fellow Amiga emulation software. For easiest cross-platform access we recommend the Plus Edition, which has the option (under Windows) to build a platform-neutral DVD ISO image, or the Premium Edition (which includes a physical DVD).

While not officially supported on GNU/Linux, the Windows version Amiga Forever 7 has been independently tested to install and run under Wine and using the PlayOnLinux front-end.

Note: The cross-platform content in Amiga Forever is not as user friendly as the Windows version. It is intended for a more technical audience who is already familiar with emulation on the intended platform.

Amiga Forever includes GNU/Linux binaries of UAE and related settings files which make it possible to run the Workbench 3.X environment without further configuration on x86 systems such as Debian, Knoppix, etc. These are stored in the Private/Linux directory on the Amiga Forever DVD. Actually, this same configuration is invoked at the end of the KX Light boot process (KX Light is a GNU/Linux distribution specifically designed for use from the Amiga Forever DVD).

Please note that the Windows-only software included in Amiga Forever does not run on GNU/Linux. This includes the Amiga Forever one-click launcher, Software Director and Amiga Explorer. Also, there is no GNU/Linux-specific installer included in Amiga Forever (the files have to be copied manually from the Emulation directory of the Amiga Forever distribution to the desired destination folder).

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KX Light

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KX Light boot sequence