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Emulation and Operating System

The functional configurations included in Amiga Forever consist of different components:
  • Low-level emulation of "Classic" Amiga hardware
  • Operating system (running on top of the emulated hardware)
  • "Classic" Amiga software (running in the operating system)

The operating system, which in Amiga Forever is referred to as "Workbench", consists of a set of original ROM and system files which run on emulated Amiga hardware. Amiga Forever uses primarily two hardware emulation engines: UAE and Fellow. The operating system files included on Amiga Forever are compatible with various ports of UAE and Fellow, most of which are included on Amiga Forever itself.

It is only the combination of full hardware emulation and operating system that makes it possible to achieve maximum compatibility with thousands of existing "Classic" Amiga software applications. Because the emulation software includes the option to adjust the functionality of the emulated CPU (e.g. 68000, 68020, etc.) and custom chips (e.g. OCS, ECS, AGA), as well as a choice of operating system versions, compatibility with older programs is often higher than what would be possible with a "real" Amiga.

Different Amiga Forever Versions

The Workbench 1.3 environment is included in all versions of Amiga Forever: the Value Edition, the Plus Edition, and the Premium Edition (which includes the Plus Edition and two video DVDs).

The Plus and Premium editions of Amiga Forever additionally include the Workbench 3.X environment and other ROM and system disks released between version 0.7 and version 3.1, inclusive of the A1000 boot ROM and extended CDTV and CD³² ROMs, and additional post-3.1 updates by Cloanto and others.

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Emulation and OS

Amiga Emulation Detail
Only custom chips make it possible...

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Workbench 3.X environment

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Workbench 1.3 environment