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Amiga Forever Gallery Section

The Amiga Forever CD (Plus and Premium Editions of Amiga Forever) contains a Gallery section with several items of historical interest:
  • Reprint of the original 1979 Tripos operating system article on Software - Practice and Experience, which introduced the precursor of Amiga OS (PDF, 14 pages)
  • Copy of the 1983 Amiga "Lorraine" project overview as shared with Atari (PDF, 41 pages)
  • Reprint of the August 1985 Byte Magazine Amiga cover story (PDF, 20 pages)
  • High resolution image of the signatures found inside the Amiga 1000 cover (JPEG)
  • Copy of US patent 4,777,621, the symbolic "Amiga Patent" (PDF, 10 pages)
  • Amiga Forever feature show on RetroGaming Radio (MP3, 50')
  • Bernd Schmidt's speech on the history of UAE, the original Amiga emulation software (MP3, 28')

All visual content is in fairly high resolution, and can be zoomed in and out when opened with popular document and imaging viewers.

The original Amiga software demos (Robo-City, etc.) featured in the Byte article are also preinstalled and accessible from the Demos section of the Amiga Forever player.

Please note that the above items are not included in the Value Edition of Amiga Forever.

Amiga Faces

The Premium Edition of Amiga Forever contains an "Amiga Faces" extra feature on DVD 2, which includes thousands of pictures from Cloanto's Amiga event photo archives.

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