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Emulation of "Classic" Amiga hardware (e.g. implementations of the UAE and Fellow Amiga emulators) is available for more than 10 different operating systems. All of these are compatible with the ROM and operating system files and with most of the preinstalled software included in Amiga Forever since 1997. Amiga Forever is enjoyed and used with great satisfaction by users of systems such as macOS and GNU/Linux, which however require a minimum of technical skills, e.g. to manually install the emulation-related files.

Consistently with the spirit of diversity of the Amiga community, we would love to be able to not only deliver some tools and files for the technically skilled, but also to more broadly support all environments. Unfortunately we cannot be experts in all of these platforms, nor can we develop custom solutions such as the Amiga Forever player, Amiga Explorer or Software Director tailored for each one of these. Given limited resources and varying degrees of demand, it is therefore currently not possible to make available to all platforms the level of detail and support which we would love to be able to offer. Fortunately, it also appears that the need for support is in inverse proportion with the popularity of a platform, so that in practice the more technical audience of certain non-Windows systems appears to be very well able to not only use Amiga Forever on their often fairly exotic systems without much help, but even to adapt and perhaps recompile the emulation software itself, if desired.

Based on resources and demand, Amiga Forever is primarily developed, tested and supported on Windows systems. While the documents on this site should make it clear what can and what cannot be done with the various Amiga Forever components on each non-Windows platform, we cannot guarantee technical support for these, although we will try to assist you in any way we can.

For additional information more specific to different operating systems, please refer to:

Cross-Platform Components

The data track of the Amiga Forever DVD contains the following file systems: Joliet (Windows), ISO 9660-2 (most platforms) with Amiga extensions, and Rock Ridge (Unix, Amiga) with Amiga extensions. This should make it very accessible to a broad variety of systems.

The ROM and operating system files, as well as the preinstalled Amiga System and Work partitions in Amiga Forever work with all implementations of the UAE and Fellow Amiga emulators. Once you have these Amiga files you only need to install the emulation executables for your specific platform.

The Value Edition of Amiga Forever requires a Windows system to install and run.

The Plus Edition of Amiga Forever requires a Windows system to install and run, however it includes the option to build a platform-neutral DVD ISO image (accessible from the Tools menu of the player). The Amiga Forever Plus Edition ISO image is supported by DVD burning software on different platforms, and includes content for use on different systems.

The Premium Edition of Amiga Forever includes the Plus Edition DVD and two industry-standard video DVDs. The DVDs have no encryption and no region-specific encoding, so as to be compatible with widest set of playback software and hardware.

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