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The latest version of Amiga Forever is Amiga Forever 8. If you purchased Amiga Forever 7 on or after September 15, 2018 (except as part of the Groupees bundle), then version 8 is a free update for you.

Upgrade emails are traditionally sent at the time of the release. Due to anti-spam requirements, this process may take a few days to complete. If in doubt, search for "Amiga" in the spam (junk mail) folder. If you employ email forwarding, be sure that the server complies with anti-spam technologies such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC (altering the message content or pretending to be the original sender may cause anti-spam verifications to fail).

If you purchased any previous version (1.0 to 7.2), you may purchase Amiga Forever 8 Plus Edition or Premium Edition at upgrade conditions. The Value Edition can be upgraded to a Plus Edition or Premium Edition (same version, or different major version).

Minor software updates between different revisions (e.g. to are free. Please use the built-in Check for Updates functionality (Help menu) to install these.

The video content of the two DVDs has not changed between the 2005-2011 versions, however a new video (included both as DVD and WMV HD file) was added to the versions released since 2012.

Upgrades to Amiga Explorer are always free (just re-download). Classic Support items (e.g. media) include fixes and patches.

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