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Cloanto Launches Personal Paint 7.1 at World of Amiga Show in London

After weeks of sleepless nights, we have the pleasure to announce that the Personal Paint 7.1 package will be launched at the World of Amiga show in London (May 17-18, 1997). The new CD-ROM not only contains the first Amiga PowerPC code ever shipped by any company (excluding developer tools), but also adds dozens of new features:

  • Finely tuned 68000, 68020, 68030 and 68040 editions of Personal Paint 7.1
  • New Rexx scripts, including text animation and animation paths
  • Improved blitter emulation and support of third-party graphics.library enhancements to store bitmaps in Fast RAM instead of Chip RAM
  • Improved support for environments like Siamese RTG, UAE, PowerPC and popular Amiga utilities
  • Loads TIM graphics directly from Sony PlayStation CDs, with extended TIM saving options for developers
  • New user interface languages (now totaling 16 languages)
  • Improved and extended manuals (in English, German and Italian)
  • Cloanto internet graphics DataTypes (GIF, JPEG, PNG and XBM)
  • GIF utilities by third parties
  • Special bonus: Cloanto ColorType 3.1 software

Some of these enhancements, including a free upgrade of the main program from version 7.0 to version 7.1, will be released in the download section immediately after the show.

The Cloanto website also contains a detailed description, a Frequently Asked Questions section and other Documents about Personal Paint, plus a special presentation on Internet Graphics. The Distributors section explains where you can get Personal Paint.


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