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Internet Graphics? Personal Paint 7!


Internet Graphics? Personal Paint 7!

Personal Paint 7 is the graphics software preferred by leading Amiga artists and webmasters. It offers full support for important internet features such as GIF animation, professional color reduction, transparency and progressive display. Personal Paint allows you to get the highest image quality out of the most compact file size. A map editor lets you specify regions on the images where users can click to jump to different sections of the website (both server-side and client-side maps are supported). The powerful Rexx interface makes it possible to program complex scripts which can be applied to an entire site.


Better Compression for Better Connections

Personal Paint's superior GIF animation compression algorithms are designed to provide maximum compression without sacrificing compatibility with the most popular browsers. Look at how Personal Paint 7 was able to further compress some of the most popular GIF animations on the web:

File          Original   PPaint 7
Construc.gif       800        551
Duke.gif         11312      10754
Explorer.gif     14871       7498
Jack2.gif         9772       9595
Nan.gif           8093       7986
Punchy.gif        4584       4231
Redbutto.gif      5052       5023
Starroll.gif      7938       6979
Tumbleba.gif     19465      17527
Tumbledu.gif     19465      17504
Windows.gif      24688      24238
Wired_1.gif      15691      10407
Wired_2.gif      23208      17644


Enhance Your Website with Animated Text!

By combining Personal Paint 7 with the animated fonts which are part of The Kara Collection (available separately), you can create animated texts in a variety of styles, and publish them on your website as GIF animations. Simply type the text, Personal Paint will create an animation! We have yet to see another piece of software - on any computer - being able to do this.


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File Download

A demonstration version of Personal Paint 7, and the latest internet-related libraries, scripts and support files are available for download.


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Internet Graphics? Personal Paint 7!