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Q: Can I connect an Amiga and a PC, and share the PC modem for internet access?



A: Yes. For example, you can use the same null-modem serial cable or Bluetooth link that is used to connect the PC and the Amiga with Amiga Explorer, or you can connect the Amiga directly to the LAN (local network).

First of all, you need to make sure that:

  • TCP/IP is installed and configured on the Amiga computer
  • The PC has internet access, e.g. when you open Internet Explorer and enter an URL, that is enough to access the desired web page

There are usually two types of configuration on the PC:

  • There is a proxy server on the network, in which case your PC browser settings would reflect this
  • No proxy server is needed, because your PC has a public internet address, or your network uses transparent NAT addressing (i.e. there is a network address translator)

And there are two possible connections on the Amiga:

  • The Amiga is connected directly to the LAN, e.g. via Ethernet
  • The Amiga is connected to the PC (which has internet access), e.g. via a null-modem serial cable

If the Amiga is connected to the LAN, then you simply need to set the Amiga browser (AWeb, IBrowse, etc.) settings to use the same proxy server details set in the PC browser settings (e.g. Internet Explorer), if a proxy is used on your network. If no proxy is used, then you don't need to set anything specific in your Amiga browser.

If the Amiga is connected to the PC, and the PC in turn has internet access, then you need to configure the PC so that it can relay (proxy) or translate (route) the requests between the Amiga and the internet. This can be done either by installing a proxy server software on the PC (e.g. SyGate or WinGate), or by enabling Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the PC (Windows 2000, Windows XP and higher). In the first case you need to configure the Amiga browser to use the PC as the proxy (enter the PC's address in the Amiga browser proxy settings), whereas in the second case (recommended) you don't need to set anything specific on the Amiga (as long as TCP/IP has been set up). For the computers to use TCP/IP over a null-modem serial cable, the appropriate SLIP (serial line IP) drivers and options must be set both on the PC (see the Windows documentation, as SLIP is part of the system) and on the Amiga (see the Amiga TCP/IP documentation).

If you are sharing a null-modem serial connection with Amiga Explorer, be sure that Amiga Explorer is set to  work in TCP/IP mode (not serial).

The WinUAE Amiga emulation software allows Amiga programs to use the Windows TCP/IP stack as a standard feature, without requiring any additional software. This is all preconfigured in newer versions of Amiga Forever. If you need to access the internet from inside the emulation do not try to dial-out from the emulation itself, but let it use the shared TCP/IP stack, and let the PC dial out if necessary. The only thing that needs to be set on the Amiga side is the proxy server in the Amiga browser settings, if your network uses a proxy server for web access.

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