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KX Light Installation


To start the installer, boot from the Amiga Forever CD, take a note of the version information that is displayed (KX Light 8.0 or higher), and enter the following command at the initial "boot:" prompt:

  • af-fbtxt 2

Wait a few seconds, after several status messages are displayed, until a new command prompt appears.

The KX Light installer supports online updates. If the version is 8.0, we recommend that you update the installer script before continuing:

  • cd /usr/share/afinstaller
  • ./update-installer

In version 8.1 and higher, the update check is part of the installer script itself, and does not need to be invoked separately.

To start the installer enter:

  • afinstall

This preliminary KX Light 8.x section is to be extended. In the meantime, you may want to also refer to the Knoppix documentation.