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The various operating system components which are included in Amiga Forever do not exist in a "demo" version. For this reason, a demonstration version of Amiga Forever is not available. However, you can try Amiga Explorer, which is a part of Amiga Forever, and you can get an idea of the content of Amiga Forever by looking at the descriptions and screenshots (e.g. emulation, Games, demos, gallery, videos).

"Classic" Amiga Software

Being developers of Amiga software since 1986, we are making available for free download most of our "Classic" Amiga software, plus a variety of support material:

  • Scripts and macros
  • Input/output modules
  • User interface language files
  • Fixes and enhancements to released versions
  • Demonstration versions of software
  • Artwork and sample screens
  • Developer documentation
  • User contributions

All files are available on dozens of Aminet sites across the world, in the "biz/cloan" directory.

Third-Party Operating System Add-Ons

Amiga Forever always had a priority on preserving and respecting, by a combination of technical means and legal agreements, different operating systems and versions. While you will find a lot of finely tuned add-on components in Amiga Forever's preinstalled Workbench environments, there are very few system modifications or additions that cannot easily be reversed or removed, and there are no add-ons or configuration modifications that reflect a specific personal taste rather than a more general consensus.

The following third-party packages combine a multitude of software and artwork add-ons, which in large part can be found for separate download on sites such as Aminet, in a single installation archive that requires only a minimum of additional configuration. While some packages have a focus on emulated Amiga systems, most packages are designed to also work on any "Classic" Amiga system. All packages can be installed on top of the Amiga Forever environment.

These packages provides good examples of the diverse customization possibilities of the Amiga operating system, which are not always evident when experiencing an Amiga "out of the box".

Amiga operating system add-on packages include:

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