Amiga Foreverby Cloanto

Introduction to Data Sharing


This tutorial explains how to:

  • Share files between Windows and the Amiga Forever emulation environments
  • Copy content from a "real" Amiga to the PC

Directories can be shared between Windows and the Amiga emulation environment by mounting a Windows directory as a virtual Amiga disk drive. To do this right-click any Amiga Forever configuration, select Edit, then go to the Media tab and click Add... Then in the Add Disk dialog select Type: Directory.

The Workbench 3.X configuration, listed in the Systems tab of Amiga Forever, illustrates how this works in practice. This configuration has a System and a Work disk volume. To access the content of the Work volume from the Windows side select Tools/Open Amiga Files from the Amiga Forever menu, then click Shared/dir/Work.

Remember that by default the Amiga Workbench environment does not show files that do not have an associated icon (.info file). To display files without icons select Show/All Files from the Amiga Workbench menu.

If your only option of moving files from an Amiga to the emulation environment is via a non-Amiga file system (for example via a DOS file system on the Amiga), keep in mind that the original Amiga file names may be lost as they are shortened or otherwise modified to comply with the non-Amiga standard. In such a scenario, to protect the original names from changes you can place the file set in an LhA archive, and then copy the LhA over the non-Amiga file system. Within the Amiga Forever Workbench 3.X environment, extracting an LhA archive is a matter of a simple drag-and-drop operation.

The following articles illustrate how to copy data from a non-emulated Amiga computer to the PC: