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Q: Can I connect Amiga Explorer by using a Bluetooth serial adapter?



A: Yes. Bluetooth serial (RS-232) adapters are architecture-neutral, i.e. they are the same for PC, Amiga and other systems.

On a Bluetooth-enabled PC, Amiga Explorer also works with a Bluetooth serial adapter attached to the Amiga serial port. The PC side must support the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile, which makes it possible to select the Amiga side as a standard COM port in Amiga Explorer. Depending on the adapter, no configuration may be required (the adapter attached to the Amiga serial port automatically runs as a "slave"), or, in some cases, the adapter must first be connected to the PC serial port and configured via the included software. Some adapters have a built-in web server which allows for remote configuration. In either case, no Bluetooth software is required on the Amiga. A 9-pin to 25-pin adapter may be required to connect a 9-pin Bluetooth serial adapter to the Amiga DB-25 serial port connector.

When choosing a Bluetooth serial adapter, be sure to verify the power supply requirements and/or if separate means of power supply are available. Amiga models other than the A1000 only supply 12 Volt power over the serial port, whereas some adapters require 5 Volts.

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