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Help Wanted for Amiga Video Transcripts

Given limited resources for this project, we are looking for the help of passionate Amiga friends to create a first set of text transcripts of certain Amiga videos of historical interest. This includes three of the four videos already released on Amiga Forever 6.0 (one already has a transcript), and three additional videos.

All videos are in English, totaling about 5 and a half hours of footage still requiring transcripts. The transcription would be limited to what people actually say (no names of people who speak, no descriptions of sounds, music texts or other events). Technical skills are not required to create the transcripts, however in our experience it really helps to be a native speaker, otherwise you have to go over and over the most "difficult" parts. Some videos include limited Amiga terms, so some familiarity with Amiga also helps. Final proofreading and consistency checks will be done by us.

The transcripts would initially be included, in English and in other languages, in a future version of Amiga Forever. Credits would be given to the person(s) who created the transcripts. The limited budget sadly reflects interest in this topic and the fact that the project is mostly driven by passion, however the work would certainly be paid (preferably via PayPal), and free copies of Amiga Forever would also be given to the friends who help us.

As a possible second step, we may be looking for help in creating translations of the English texts into German, French, Spanish and Italian.

If you would like to help with either the transcription or the translations please send a note via the Contact page (select "Would like to Help").

Thank you!


November 11, 2004:

  • Work has been started on the English transcription.
  • Work is pending for the translations into German, French, Spanish, Swedish and Italian.

November 19, 2004:

  • As predicted by some, this is taking more time than expected. We are humbled by the help we are receiving, and are working full time ourselves to make sure this is going to be a quality result from all points of view.
  • We are still looking for help for the revision of the Spanish and Swedish texts.

December 8, 2004:

  • Less than one hour of total footage from two videos remains to be completed. Then all videos will be checked for errors, consistency, etc., and translations will start.

January 9, 2005:

  • All English transcriptions have been completed. The videos are now being checked and double-checked for errors, consistency, etc. Translations will then start.

May 15, 2005:

  • All English transcriptions have been completed and double-checked. Very minor unintelligible parts remain for future feedback.
  • The Italian translation has been completed and double-checked. The German translation is in progress. Once we have a polished set of three reference languages we feel like the set will be ready for further translations.
  • We are still looking for help for the revision of the Swedish texts.

June 20, 2006:

  • English and Italian have been completed (and released in Amiga Forever 2005). We are looking for additional help to complete the German version. All other languages are on hold for now, because we would like to complete and refine English, German and Italian, and then switch to a new authoring system.

Many thanks to Roger, Darren, Joe, Lionel, James, Michael, Paul, Gareth, Dirk, Oliver, Wolfgang, Leo, Lionel, Ferrán, Javier, Sammy, Stefano and Mario.