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Unusually Slow Emulation in Amiga Forever Player



Q: My PC is new and powerful, yet the emulation feels sluggish and/or sound quality is poor. Is this normal?



A: This is not normal. For example, the entire set of games and demos should run smoothly on any modern PC. On fast systems it should be possible to run two different sessions at the same time, with acceptable quality. Rarely, audio may be slightly different from a real Amiga, but overall this should not be noticeable (Amiga audio itself, while superior in its days, sounds a bit "artificial" by today's gaming and multimedia standards).

In general, a hardware-based fullscreen mode (the default in previous versions of Amiga Forever) is slightly faster than a windowed mode (the default since Amiga Forever 2008). On modern PCs this difference should not affect real-time performance of the emulated Amiga. On slower PCs, it may be helpful to revert to the previous defaults (set the "Use hardware fullscreen modes" option, then click the fullscreen button in the player when desired).

Beyond normal behavior, we have identified one possible relationship between alpha channel-enabled windows and performance on certain Windows XP systems. The alpha channel is the additional layer that enables the translucency effects, which include shadows and glass-like features. So far, this issue seems to be restricted to certain display cards and drivers by Nvidia. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are not affected by this specific issue.

We recommend the following steps, in order of importance:

  1. Select Tools/Check for Updates in the player, and see if a newer version of the Amiga Forever 2008 software and of WinUAE are listed. If a newer version is listed, close the player and install the new items.
  2. If you have an AGP display card, try and set the "Use non-local video memory" checkbox in the Player settings
  3. In Tools/Options, uncheck the "Enable translucency" checkbox in the Player settings, then restart the player. A new skin will be used, without translucency effects, which may improve performance in windowed mode on some systems where alpha channel goes through a very slow software layer.
  4. It may additionally be helpful to compare the performance of "2X" and "1X" player window sizes.
  5. The player also supports two different fullscreen modes, which can be selected under Tools/Options. Set "Use hardware fullscreen modes" for extra performance (please refer to the context help for additional information).
  6. Enable the "Always use JIT compilation where possible" option in the Amiga Hardware settings
  7. Unless your system is powerful enough, do not use the "4X" display mode

If you believe that your system is affected by this condition, we would appreciate a report, indicating the operating system (e.g. Windows XP), the service pack level (e.g. SP1, SP2 or SP3), the architecture (x86 or x64), the CPU and clock frequency, the display card hardware, and, if known, the driver details. Also, which of the above steps had the most significant impact to solve the problem?

Thank you for your support.

If you become aware of new issues kindly let us know. If you find a solution to a still unsolved bug we'd be happy to send you a free copy of Amiga Forever Premium Edition.

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