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Amiga Email Software Troubleshooting



Windows antivirus software may block the sending and collection of mail from within the Amiga emulation environment



If you experience timeout problems (e.g. "Receive timed out") or other errors resulting in the impossibility to either send or receive mail from inside the Amiga emulation environment, and internet connectivity in general works fine from inside the Amiga, then you should check whether you have some antivirus software running under Windows.

Most frequently the antivirus software has to be set to accept the Amiga emulation as an application which is allowed to send and receive email without being "controlled" by the antivirus filter. To quickly test whether the antivirus software is blocking Amiga internet connectivity you can temporarily switch off the antivirus software. To switch off the only the email options look for settings called "Scan Incoming Emails" and "Scan Outgoing Emails" (or similar). Both should be disabled.

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