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Troubleshooting TCP/IP in Amiga Emulation



TCP/IP problems may require a TCP/IP upgrade on old versions of Windows 95, as well as the removal of Amiga TCP/IP software formerly used to dial out.



The Amiga emulation environment takes advantage of the TCP/IP functionality offered by the host environment, and makes it available to Amiga applications via an emulated Amiga bsdsocket.library. Amiga TCP/IP and dial-up functionality offered by programs such as Miami and AmiTCP/IP is not necessary, and should be completely disabled or uninstalled.

TCP/IP support in the emulation requires Winsock 2.0 or higher. If you have one of the very first versions of Windows 95 you may need to install the "Windows Socket 2 Update for Windows 95", available at no cost from the download section at the Microsoft website. In case of doubt, enable the Create log file option in the WinUAE Properties, and after attempting to use TCP/IP from inside the emulation check the log file for entries containing the string "bsdsocket".

Some Amiga programs (e.g. StrICQ) come in different versions compiled for specific Amiga TCP/IP stacks. In case of problems we recommend trying out all versions, those for Miami and AmiTCP/IP, if available, first.

Older versions of the Voyager web browser may require that the cache reside on a native Amiga file system volume, and do not support file systems such as certain Amiga network file systems or directories mounted in the Amiga emulation. To address this issue, either move the cache to an Amiga hardfile, or to RAM, or disable the cache.

Some versions of Windows TCP/IP do not support certain rarely used TCP/IP socket options which the original Amiga bsdsocket.library supports. For example, the "traceroute" command which comes with AmiTCP/IP may fail if Winsock does not support IP_HDRINCL/raw sockets.

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