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The following support materials and services for Classic Amiga systems are available:

The downloadable Floppy & Hard Disk Image Pack contains 16 floppy disk images (ADF files) and 2 hard disk images (HDF files), which make it possible to boot and set up any Classic Amiga model (including the Amiga 1000, 3000 and 4000T).

Included ADF files (follow the links for a more detailed description and list of recent improvements):

An additional copy of the above files, renamed to "8.3" (short) file names, is included in the Disk Image Pack, for use with devices like some floppy drive emulators that do not support "long" file names.

Included HDF files:

The hard disk images are the result of installing from the corresponding floppy disk set, and are ready for imaging to CF cards or similar devices.

Important: the downloadable Floppy & Hard Disk Image Pack does not contain physical media. An Amiga computer or dedicated PC hardware are required to write the images to Amiga floppy disks or other media. The floppy disk image files are also suitable for use in floppy drive emulators (Cortex, DTX200, EMUFFD, Gotek, HxC, Mark II, etc.), which can be used to replace an Amiga floppy disk drive.

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