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Q: What is Relokick, and how does your release compare to the Fairlight version?




The Relokick software boots from a Workbench floppy disk to patch an AGA-class Amiga like the A-1200 or A-4000 and make it more compatible with some older games written for original-chipset systems like the A-500. Galahad of Fairlight has graciously allowed us to include his code, and we polished the disk a little bit, without altering the Relokick executable.

System Requirements

The Relokick disk should work on any Amiga with at least 1 MB of RAM. Its intended use is on newer models, where it will "downgrade" the ROM to a 1.3 version and optionally apply some CPU cache and video mode changes.

Classic Support Edition

The following changes were made relative to the initial 1.4a version:

  • Restored original 1.3 system files, names, dates and attributes
  • Removed dependencies on "explode.library"
  • Optimized disk structure for faster boot

The ROM and OS files are now fully licensed. The physical disk version includes a license key to re-download or update the disk image.


Insert the Relokick disk, then:

  1. Boot the Amiga from it
  2. When prompted, press the left mouse button to continue
  3. When the "All operations OK, kicking up!" text appears, remove the floppy disk (if you don't, the system will boot again from the same disk)

When the Workbench prompt (image of hand holding a floppy disk) appears, you can:

  • Press the left mouse button to turn off instruction and data caches (68020 and higher CPUs)
  • Press the right mouse button to switch from PAL to NTSC
  • Insert a disk (e.g. a game) to boot from it

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