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Data Conversion Service


The service is momentarily unavailable. Feel free to contact us for more information (indicate "Data Conversion" in the subject).

Several tools remain available to convert Amiga disks: Reading Amiga Floppy Disks on PC.

Legacy Information

Our data conversion service allows you to send us your Amiga floppy disks and receive them back with a DVD (or download) containing ADF image files of your disks.

ADF disk images can be mounted in Amiga Forever (just click the floppy disk icon in the playback window), which also contains tools (e.g. Personal Paint, AmiToRTF) to access and convert different graphics and text file formats, and share files with the PC environment.

Prices vary with the number of disks, but tend to average to about $5 per disk, plus a one-time processing fee of about $25 for smaller quantities. Please refer to the order form for more detailed pricing information, including applicable taxes and shipping costs.

We will return your media plus a DVD or encrypted download with the converted data. The DVD volume or file name will reflect your order ID, and the data on the disk will be numbered sequentially by Amiga disk number, starting from 1.

While we are organized to offer this service and to handle the special cases and exceptions which tend to occur during the conversion process, we also wrote several documents and software to support you if you wish to do the conversion yourself.

To Order

  1. Number each disk (e.g. write with pencil or thin marker on label, or on back of disk, etc.) or provide printed instructions for numbering the converted data sets
  2. Place an order for the total number of disks (set the Quantity field accordingly)
  3. Print the order confirmation email and include it with the disks
  4. If you wish to download the results, please include a password (which will be used to create an encrypted archive with 7-Zip)
  5. Securely package the disks, protecting them against possible physical damage and humidity (try to imagine the worst that can happen to them, including being under the weight of other packages, and rain)
  6. Again add your name and address to the back of the padded envelope or package
  7. Ship via priority or air mail (not registered mail or courier, see below for more options) to:

Cloanto IT srl
Attn. Amiga Data Conversion
C.P. 118
33100 Udine

For Customs

The disk conversion we provide is a service. No purchase or sale of goods is involved. Media is normally treated as documents, not goods, even if sometimes a nominal value needs to be declared (e.g. $1). Please read the following tips in order to avoid delays if the parcel is examined by customs and the type of content and its value need to be determined. If you do not follow these steps, the media may be returned to you from customs.

  • While simple letters and small parcels sent via postal priority and air mail normally do not go through customs as frequently as courier services, you are still responsible for completing and including the correct documentation
  • If a customs form is required by the shipping option of your choice, use the simplified postal form CN 22 or equivalent (not CP 72 or similar, reserved for higher-value goods, which implies a stop through customs) indicating the media value and indicating the shipment as "Documents"; in case of doubt, ask at your local postal office
  • For the shipment value, remember to mark the shipment as "documents"; if a cost is required by the service provider, indicate $1 or a similar minimum value (the cost of the floppy disks is in the order of cents per disk); do not indicate the cost of the data conversion service, as that is in the opposite direction relative to the incoming shipment

Other Details

  • Unless you ask us to, we will not look at your data, and we will not keep a copy of your data; your data is only temporarily stored on encrypted disks, and you will receive a signed letter of destruction of any such temporary copies at the end of the process
  • This service only covers standard Amiga-formatted 3.5" floppy disks (DD or HD)
  • If you send us copy-protected disks, like original game disks, be advised that the conversion is likely to fail on the protected parts
  • We do not guarantee results, but we learned that disk quality and appearance can be a good predictor of results (good quality disks stored in a dry and clean environment have a recovery rate that is higher than 90%, vs. recycled cover disks that look damaged or dirty have a rate that can be lower than 50%)
  • We strive to offer a high quality service, and we will assist in any way we can, but we cannot be held responsible for delayed, lost or misplaced data


Please contact us before ordering if you need:

  • Storage on a medium other than DVD
  • Electronic delivery of the converted data
  • Conversion of Amiga hard disks, MO disks and other formats
  • Format conversion of text documents encrypted with Cloanto's Personal Write or C1-Text, or with PowerPacker
  • Conversion of other file formats
  • Shipments via courier
  • Other custom services

Long-Term Preservation

We use DVDs rather than CDs not because of capacity, but because they offer better long-term protection of the data layer (metal layer). On DVDs the data layer is protected by a sandwich of polycarbonate, whereas on CDs the data layer is on the surface (it is just painted over), and the metal foil itself can easily be damaged or removed by a pen, fingernail, or a scratch.

For optimal preservation:

  • Do NOT attach labels to the discs (they may alter the disc specification tolerances and tend to bend the discs over time)
  • If a disc has a label, copy the disc (do not try to remove the label)
  • Store discs vertically
  • Store discs in a cool, dry and dark environment
  • Store discs in a room with stable temperature (not with heating or air conditioning which is switched on and off at different hours)

Additional Information

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