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Amiga Games and Demos

Amiga games and Amiga demoscene productions contributed to defining new references in computing culture and entertainment in the 1980s and beyond. Thousands of games and demos are now available for legal download from their original publishers, as well as from Amiga preservation sites.

Amiga Emulation and Operating System

Amiga Forever contains the Amiga hardware emulation components and different ROM and operating system versions that are required to run any downloadable game, demo or other software:

  • Amiga Forever Value Edition contains version 1.3 of the ROM and Workbench, which makes it possible to run more than 70% of Amiga games and demos
  • Amiga Forever Plus Edition contains additional ROM and operating system files, required for running CDTV, CD³² and other games strictly requiring ROM versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.04, 2.05, 3.1 or 3.X
  • Amiga Forever Premium Edition contains the same Amiga emulation, ROM and operating system software as the the Plus Edition, with additional video content

Included Games and Demos

The different editions of Amiga Forever also include a selection of preinstalled games and demos. Amiga Forever Plus Edition and Premium Edition contain more than 300 MB of preinstalled games and demos.

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