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Cloanto Personal Fonts Maker


Personal Fonts Maker is a powerful tool for designing and processing bitmapped fonts. Amiga fonts and fonts created with Personal Fonts Maker can be transferred to the printer memory and printed at maximum quality and speed. Personal Fonts Maker can output fonts in formats which can be read by other Amiga programs, by other computers and by a vast range of differing printers (even 48-pin and laser printers). The program can import graphics. It is possible, for example, to work on typographical fonts input from a scanning device. Complex and/or repetitive transformations on characters or entire fonts can be defined, recorded, stored and executed as macros. A special programming language can be used to define the format in which fonts are to be saved or sent to a printer. The Personal Fonts Maker package includes a multitude of original fonts and support tools like Printer Driver Modifier, which allows the user to personalize printer drivers. It is easy - and fun - to work with Personal Fonts Maker, thanks to the elegant and intuitive user interface (with stereo sound effects). The manual is full of examples and introductory sections for novice users, and comes complete with technical information for Amiga experts.


The evolution of monochrome bitmapped fonts slowed down several years ago, in favor of vector fonts. Most of the recent and new applications of bitmapped fonts are related to multicolored fonts. Similarly, while we created new and powerful tools to edit color fonts (Personal Fonts Maker 2 and ColorType), at Cloanto we terminated the development of the original Personal Fonts Maker package. This means that the user interface is not, aesthetically, up to the newest standards. The software, however, has no known bugs, and is fully compatible with all versions of the Amiga operating system. Because of the wealth of absolutely unique features provided by this software (it was even used by some printer manufacturers), we happily continue to publish and support this product.

Personal Fonts Maker is included with the Personal Suite and The Kara Collection.

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