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Cloanto Personal Fonts Maker 2


Personal Fonts Maker 2 is a companion tool to Personal Fonts Maker, adding powerful color font processing capabilities to the basic package. Most of Personal Paint's editing tools have been incorporated into this package. For the first time, it is possible to process fonts in up to 256 colors and no size limit. Among others, special functions for anti-aliasing (even using an Amiga vector font as a point of departure) and right-to-left fonts are provided. This makes it an ideal companion to video applications, and a must in the titling environment.


Personal Fonts Maker 2 has a history which for us at Cloanto is even more interesting than its technical description. In 1991 we realized that there were no radically new features with which we could extend Personal Fonts Maker, which even today remains one of the leading tools for the processing of black & white bitmapped fonts. So we began working on a new program, to be called Personal Fonts Maker 2, which was to become an editor for color fonts. Very early in the development stage we realized that, in fact, what we were working on, could become a good paint program. Personal Paint was born. Even today, ColorType (the evolution of Personal Fonts Maker 2) and Personal Paint share the same source code. Initially, Personal Fonts Maker 2 was designed to replace the original Personal Fonts Maker. However, it soon became evident that no printer manufacturer was going to incorporate support for downloadable multicolored fonts in the first popular color printers which were starting to appear on the market. We therefore decided to preserve the identity and the functionality of the two separate packages, the first for black & white fonts (with specific features for font download), and the second for color fonts (with extended features for video).

The Color Extensions come free with the Personal Fonts Maker package known as "Version 2". Use with Personal Paint is recommended, in order to take advantage of additional functions and extended documentation. All three programs are included in the Personal Suite.

Personal Fonts Maker 2 Screenshot - Antialiased TextPersonal Fonts Maker 2 Screenshot - ColorFont