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Cloanto PDM


Printer Driver Modifier is a utility to edit the text mode functions of Amiga printer drivers.

The software gives the user full access to any driver's conversion tables for characters having a code greater than 127 as well as for control sequences. Printer Driver Modifier can be used to modify existing control sequences of the printer driver, or add new ones. Switches to national 7-bit character sets to print a character can be replaced with a single 8-bit character code. The same can be done with those characters in the set available on the printer which are represented by the driver as a series of partial character images and backspaces. If a character is not available on the printer, it can be downloaded with Personal Fonts Maker, and the printer driver can be updated with Printer Driver Modifier so that the new character is translated correctly. If a character cannot be downloaded because the printer being used does not accept the downloading of character having codes greater than 127, a new code (smaller than 128) can be assigned to the character, both in the downloaded font (with Personal Fonts Maker) and in the printer driver (with Printer Driver Modifier).


This program is normally bundled with Personal Fonts Maker.