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ColorType has been acclaimed as the best bitmapped fonts editor for the Amiga by enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. It is the leading tool for handling fonts in up to 256 colors (no size limit, RTG compatible). Its Rexx interface enables integration with other packages and makes external functions directly accessible from the tool bar. For example, it is possible to apply image processing and textures to existing fonts. Amiga-supported vector fonts (CompuGraphic, Adobe Type 1, etc.) can be used to automatically create ColorFonts in any size. Special functions for anti-aliasing (even using a vector font as a point of departure), right-to-left fonts, texturing and image processing (in combination with Personal Paint) are provided, among others. This makes it an ideal companion to video applications, and a must for titling.


ColorType 3.0 is included with The Kara Collection. ColorType 3.1 is part of the Personal Paint 7.1 CD-ROM. Version 3.0 and version 3.1 of ColorType are functionally equivalent, only that version 3.1 adds support for external blitting libraries, in a way similar to Personal Paint 7.

ColorType is the successor of Personal Fonts Maker 2, which in turn was inspired by the original Personal Fonts Maker, which still offers some unique features for black & white bitmapped fonts.