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"License Key Error #6" during Setup



Q: During installation of Amiga Forever I receive a "License Key Error #6" error message. What does this mean?



A: Each version of Amiga Forever includes a list of license keys (serial numbers) that were reported lost or stolen. License keys that can be found on "warez" and "crack" sites or P2P networks usually are part of this list.

When a key is reported lost or stolen a new key is issued to the owner, and the original license key does not work any longer. Error message "#6" is displayed if the old key is used by mistake during installation. In the case of an upgrade installation, that error message indicates that the license key of the previous version was reported as lost or stolen. Versions of Amiga Forever that had their license key reported lost or stolen can be replaced and/or upgraded by their original owners, but the license keys that were reported lost or stolen themselves cannot be used for upgrades by other parties.

This condition can be solved in one of several ways:

  • If you are the original owner of a license key that causes such an error condition, you should already have been issued a replacement license key. If not, you can ask for one.
  • If you are not the original owner of a license key that causes such an error condition, you can purchase the original software.
  • If you have multiple previous versions of Amiga Forever, and one of them is an original version, and a later one is not, just uninstall the later one (you can always enter your original key manually when performing the upgrade).
  • If you are trying to install an upgrade version of Amiga Forever, and the only previous version that you have installed is not an original version, then uninstall this version, request a refund for the upgrade product, and purchase a non-upgrade product.


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