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Amiga Forever 6.0 Known Issues



Q: Is there a list of known issues affecting Amiga Forever 6.0? Are solutions available?



A: Amiga Forever 6.0 incorporates the most important set of news and changes since the launch of the Amiga Forever series. It also includes a few issues that were discovered after the product was released to manufacturing, and which are currently being addressed. As free updates becomes available, they are listed by Software Director.

Known bugs include:

  • WinFellow does not work with some multi-monitor configurations. This can be solved by switching off the vertical and horizontal screen doubling options.
  • When WinUAE switches from Windows rendering (as in the WinUAE dialog) to Amiga 8-bit rendering (as in the default Workbench screen mode), colors may be incorrect. Press F12 and then Cancel to reset the correct Amiga colors.
  • Certain combinations of more than one CD-ROM drive (e.g. CD0 on the SCSI bus and CD1 on the IDE bus) are not detected automatically in the default configuration. This may be solved by selecting the drive in the CacheCDFS Preferences, which appears to trigger something which makes the drive be seen. It may be necessary to move CD0 and/or CD1 from Storage/DOSDrivers to Devs/DOSDrivers first.
  • C:Protect does not always work. For example, adding the Pure bit, or adding and then removing the Script bit may not always have the desired effect. This has been confirmed on hardfiles.
  • SYS:System/Format works fine from the Shell, but may crash with a division by 0 error when invoked from the Workbench.
  • When patterns are set via SYS:Prefs/WBPattern, they may contain garbage upon first use.
  • After multiple reinstallations or upgrades of Amiga Forever with the option to retain the installed files, the S:user-startup file may incorrectly be named instead of S:user-startup (which would be an older version). A symptom for such a condition would be that when starting AWeb a "Please insert volume AWEBCACHE in any drive" message appears. This can be fixed by manually renaming the file to S:user-startup.
  • It appears that AWeb sometimes does not load all images on a site. The issue is still being investigated.
  • Possibly due to a bug in the original code, the game Tower of Souls only works with very specific interrupt timings. When running the emulation on slower machines the game will stop after it finishes loading the first disk.

Design choices include:

  • Since not all versions of UAE on all platforms and hardware configurations support the built-in UAE AHI module, AHI in Amiga Forever is preset to use Paula for audio output. On versions of UAE such as WinUAE it is safe to use the AHI Preferences to select the UAE module.
  • Since not all versions of UAE on all platforms and hardware configurations support true color RTG screen modes, the Workbench is preset to 8-bit mode (256 colors). You can use the ScreenMode Preferences to select a true color screen mode (e.g. 800x600 24 bit uaegfx).
  • A stub LIBS:bsdsocket.library file is included for compatibility with some versions of UAE (as on GNU/Linux). It can be deleted if you only use WinUAE.

If you become aware of new issues kindly let us know. If you find a solution to a still unsolved bug we'd be happy to send you a free Amiga Forever CD.

Solved issues include:


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