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ISO Images: How to Mount or Burn to CD/DVD



Q: How do I burn an ISO image to CD or DVD? Can I burn a CD image to a DVD? Can I mount it directly without burning a CD or DVD?



A: The Plus Edition of Amiga Forever and C64 Forever is able to create an "ISO image" file, which can then be mounted or used to burn a CD or DVD. Beginning with the 2013 versions of the software, this can be achieved via the Build Image feature (in the Tools menu). In previous versions, the ISO image could not be created, but had to be downloaded.

The following instructions explain how to:

  1. Burn the ISO image to a CD-R or DVD-R disc

  2. Alternatively, mount the ISO image without burning it

An ISO "image" describes a complete CD/DVD (with multiple files in it), i.e. it is not a single file that is copied over to a CD/DVD (or else you would end up with a disc with only one file on it). Rather, the ISO image file must be written to disc using a special command used to write ISO images.

Writing the ISO image is a simple process whereby the file is selected for burning in the disc recording software, and then the disc is written.

On Windows 7 or higher:

  • Double-click or right-click the .iso file to open the Burn Disc Image dialog

  • If the above is not available because other disc burning software is installed (and associated to .iso files), hold down Shift, right-click the file and select Open with... to choose the desired program

For previous versions of Windows, or if you prefer to use a different tool, the following examples illustrate how slightly different steps apply to different recording programs:

  • In Nero Burning ROM 6, 7 and 8, from the Recorder menu, choose Burn Image (click Cancel if the New Compilation dialog opens when starting Nero)
  • In older versions of Nero Burning ROM, from the File menu, choose Burn Image
  • In Nero Express 6, under What would you like to burn?, select Disc Image or Saved Project
  • In Nero Express 7 or 8, under Image, Project, Copy, select Disc Image or Saved Project
  • In Nero StartSmart 6, under Copy and Backup, select Burn Image to Disc
  • In Nero StartSmart 7, under Backup, select Burn Image to Disc, then proceed as in Nero Express 7
  • In Nero StartSmart 8, under Rip and Burn, select Copy Disc, then proceed as in Nero Express 8
  • In Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, from the File menu, choose Record CD from CD Image, making sure that "Files of type" drop-down is set to "ISO Image Files (*.iso)"
  • In Sonic RecordNow 6 or 7, select Burn Image from the Backup Projects tab
  • In Asimware (now Iomega) HotBurn Pro 2, select Advanced Data CD, then, from the Tools menu, select Write a CD from an ISO Image File
  • With Alex Feinman's ISO Recorder 2 installed, right-click an ISO file and select Copy Image to CD

As you can see the exact location and name of the burning option may vary slightly across applications and versions, but it is generally present in all software.

Although ".iso" is the most popular file name suffix used for ISO images, other suffixes are sometimes used too. These include ".img", ".bin", ".cif" and ".nrg". If the CD-recording software does not appear to accept or list .iso files in its file dialog, try and select "All Documents (*.*)".

A CD ISO image can be burned to either a CD-R or a DVD-R. As long as the drive can read DVDs (and not only CDs), the same content will appear, as the reading software side is generally shielded from the actual disc mechanics.

ISO images can also be mounted directly, without burning them to disc.

On Windows 8 or higher:

  • Right-click the .iso file and select Mount (or Open with/Windows Explorer)

 Third-party tools that allow mounting on Windows include:

The C64 Forever ISO image is not bootable. The Amiga Forever Plus Edition ISO image is bootable and the ISO file can also be used to boot directly from the image, using software like:


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