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"Too many parameters" Error in Amiga Forever 4.0 Print Spooler



Q: Running "print.bat" under Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me results in a "Too many parameters error".



A: The batch file interpreter built in Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me will produce an error when parsing the "print.bat" file generated by the Amiga side of Amiga Forever, which uses a LF character (Amiga standard) as a line terminator instead of a CR+LF pair (Windows standard). This works fine on Windows NT 4.0 and later versions of Windows, including Windows 11, but fails on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me.

To correct the problem right-click on "print.bat" from the Windows side and select Edit. Depending on the editor being used, the two LF characters may appear as black rectangular characters, in which case please use the Delete or Backspace keys to remove them.

Press Enter before the "del" keyword and at the very end of the file. 

The resulting file should look like:

copy /b C:\AmigaSpool\CMD_file.* LPT1:

del C:\AmigaSpool\CMD_file.*

This issue only affects Amiga Forever 4.0. Amiga Forever 2010 and higher includes native printing support.

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