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Disabling Sound Output in MenuBox



How to disable sound output in the MenuBox program launcher, also if MenuBox freezes.



By default, the MenuBox program launcher, which is the brown Amiga Forever window from which the documentation and the various emulation configurations can be launched is, programmed to reproduce the original speech synthesis saying "This is Amiga speaking" when launched, and "Amiga Forever!" when exiting. If you prefer not to hear this, you can switch it off by locating the "Cloanto\Amiga Forever\Windows\MenuBox\MenuBox.txt" file (inside "C:\Program Files", or wherever it was installed), and delete the two lines which say "start-sound" and "exit-sound".

On some Windows 95 and 98 systems, it may occur that for some reason there is a sound board and the proper drivers installed, but the sound does not work. This may happen, for example, on some notebooks after a Suspend/Resume. Under these circumstances, some Windows audio functions do not work properly, locking the software which uses them. This can be verified by going to the Control Panel, selecting Sounds, and trying to play any sound. If the Play button remains ghosted, instead of becoming selectable again at the end of the sound (regardless of whether a sound can actually be heard or not), then MenuBox will also not start and end properly, freezing while waiting for the sound to be played. If this happens, it is necessary to disable the sound output as explained above. This issue has been solved in Amiga Forever 3.0, and a new version of MenuBox, available from Cloanto, works properly even when the system sound functionality is defective.


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