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Problems Reading Amiga Forever 2.0 CD-ROM Under GNU/Linux



Issues regarding Amiga Forever 2.0 CD-ROM and GNU/Linux CD-ROM file systems.



Two difficulties have been reported when reading the Amiga Forever 2.0 CD-ROM under GNU/Linux. The first involves a design issue of AsimWare's MasterISO (the only CD mastering software supporting ISO, Rock Ridge, Amiga and Joliet), whereas Rock Ridge data needs root permissions to access the data. This can easily be solved by logging on with the appropriate rights. AsimWare has solved this issue, and we used their new software in the following releases of Amiga Forever.

The second issue is that on some systems the file and directory names appear as question marks instead of their proper names. This problem has been tracked to some old GNU/Linux Joliet drivers. Disabling or upgrading the Joliet components should fix this.


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Article ID: 14-108
Platform: GNU/Linux
Products: Amiga Forever 2.0
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Last Update: 2008-10-25
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