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"Error -113" During Setup



When installing Amiga Forever an "Error -113" may interrupt the installation.



All Amiga Forever Versions

The "Error -113" message is generated by the InstallShield setup software used by Amiga Forever. The condition resulting in this error is known to occur in two cases:

  • When the partition hosting the temporary system files does not have enough free disk space
  • When certain antivirus programs (e.g. certain versions of Norton Antivirus) are running during the installation

You can enter "%temp%" (without the quotes, but with the percent signs) in an Explorer window to see what drive is hosting the temporary directory and then verify the space left on the partition. Make sure there is a "generous" availability of least 200 MB of free space on that partition.

When instead the problem is related to antivirus software it is usually very easy to temporarily switch off the software, proceed with the installation of Amiga Forever, and then enable the antivirus software again.

Please let us know if any of the above did or did not apply to an issue that you experienced.

Amiga Forever 2.0

On some Windows systems it may occur that when the Amiga Forever 2.0 CD Setup program is launched (selecting "Install to Hard Disk" in the MenuBox launcher), the installation of the Amiga Explorer component fails with the following error:

Error occurred during copy process: -113
Component: Amiga Explorer
File Group: Amiga Explorer
File: ..\AExplore\AEXPLORE.DLL

We believe that this problem occurs because the Setup program, when launched by MenuBox, fails to properly inherit the current directory. It appears that this only occurs in combination with some very specific software configurations. The problem has been solved in Amiga Forever 3.0.

When the Setup procedure is interrupted by this error, it may also leave parts of the emulation environment incomplete. For this reason, it is advised to run the Setup program again. We propose two solutions to avoid the error, in the following order of preference:

  • Launch the Setup program manually, by right-clicking on the CD-ROM icon, selecting "Explore", and then running "Windows/Setup/Setup.exe", and proceed normally, selecting whatever components you need to install (including Amiga Explorer)
  • Only use the Setup program to install the emulation components (not Amiga Explorer), and install Amiga Explorer separately, by right-clicking on "Windows/AExplore/AExplore.inf" on the CD-ROM, and selecting "Install"

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