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"_UAEFSDB.___" Files



Q: What are the "_UAEFSDB.___" files I noticed on my hard disk after running the Amiga emulation software?



A: The original Amiga file system supports certain attributes, such as the Amiga "s" script flag, which have no equivalent on host file systems such as Windows NTFS. Although the Amiga operating system is perfectly compatible with non-Amiga file systems (Novell, NFS and CD file systems have been in use with the Amiga operating system since the late 1980s),  Amiga emulation programs like WinUAE also support the ability to preserve Amiga-specific file and directory attributes. This data is written to files named "_UAEFSDB.___".

If you prefer not to take advantage of this feature, you can set the "filesys_no_fsdb=true" option in the override.ini emulation settings file. This option prevents new files from being created, while existing files continue to be maintained. If you prefer to remove all "_UAEFSDB.___", you can do so, with no negative effect on the emulation (other than the loss of Amiga-specific attributes).

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