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Assigning Storage to the Emulation



Q: Can an Amiga partition be maintained on the PC hard disk, and can the Amiga environment boot from this partition?



A: Yes. Once the emulation software is running the Amiga side of the emulation can see either a directory on the host file system (e.g. a directory anywhere on a Windows drive) or a hardfile (a single file, used by the emulation as if it were an Amiga hard disk) as an Amiga partition. Several of these can be mounted at the same time, so that for example the (emulated) Amiga Workbench shows icons for an Amiga System and Work partition, as well as for the PC's hard drive and CD-ROM. Of the two options, we do in general recommend the use of mounted directories instead of hardfiles for larger data sets, however each method has advantages and disadvantages.

To add a hardfile or directory to an Amiga configuration, right-click it, select Edit, and then add the desired content in the Media tab of the configuration editor.

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