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Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 10 "R3" Update

April 26, 2024 - Cloanto released today the "R3" ( update for Amiga Forever 10 and C64 Forever 10.

The "R3" build is the result of more than four months of development since the previous "R2" release, and takes into account user feedback, new operating system versions and numerous features from our own wish list.

One of the most frequently asked features was a mechanism to Export/Import the configuration for backup purposes and to transfer between computers. This has now been implemented (Tools menu). In addition to same-version migrations, the function also supports exports to higher software versions, providing the basis for future major upgrades across different computers.

Over the years, the advent of a wide variety high-DPI displays made it impractical to rely on a fixed list of buttons to resize the emulation window ("1X", "2X", "3X", "4X", etc.) In the "R2" build, a new resize feature was introduced, using the familiar click-and-drag mechanism, and offering a choice between the faster and higher-quality integer scaling, and a "fine resize" via Alt+drag. The "R3" update further improves on this, adding status bar messages and dynamic previews of the possible integer-scaled window sizes.

All crash dumps submitted by users were analyzed, and any bugs that could be traced to specific Amiga Forever or plugin code were fixed. Internally, while we tend to be conservative about the choice of everyday development tools, we took the opportunity to migrate the codebase to the latest Visual Studio 2022, and the installer to WiX Toolset 5.0. This made possible some additional optimizations in the "R3" build.

This release includes hundreds of other minor improvements and fixes, as well as support for some of the latest system features introduced in Windows 11 24H2. The Changelog in Help/About includes additional details.

This is a free update for existing version 10 users, who can get the new version through the Help/About dialog in Amiga Forever and C64 Forever. Additionally, the updated full installation package and ISO image can be accessed via the Help/My Downloads and Keys menu item, and are set to remain available for at least 10 years after an order.

As always, we are grateful to the many friends who supported this project and our Amiga passion, vision and hope.

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