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Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 10 "R2" Update

December 29, 2023 - Cloanto released today the "R2" ( update for Amiga Forever 10 and C64 Forever 10.

The "R2" build is the result of more than a year of development work since the previous major release, and takes into account user feedback, new operating system versions and numerous features from our own wish list. The rewrite of the application window handling code alone took several months of work, and opens the doors to additional future features and improvements.

This is a free update for existing version 10 users, who can get the new version through the Help/About dialog in Amiga Forever and C64 Forever, which also includes a detailed Changelog. Additionally, the updated full installation package and ISO image can be accessed via the Help/My Downloads and Keys menu item, and are set to remain available for at least 10 years after an order.

New and enhanced features include:

  • Rewritten handling of guest (emulation) windows, with improved lagless drag, and new resize and zoom features (including "fine resize" via Alt+drag)
  • Better recognition of emulation window by screen capture and recording applications (OBS, Streamlabs, Twitch streaming, etc.)
  • Title editor and tabs open faster thanks to new asynchronous functionality
  • Support for additional types of game controllers
  • Enhancements to RP9 Toolbox, Setup Wizard, Arcade mode, fullscreen emulation
  • Improved internet modem, now also with Telnet options
  • Faster Type Clipboard Text functionality, with new replacement rules for unavailable characters
  • Better support for "portable" installations without administrative privileges
  • Improved RP9 property handler (for File Explorer, Windows Search, etc.)
  • Support for some of the latest system features introduced in Windows 11 23H2, including the requirements for Microsoft Store versions of Amiga Forever and C64 Forever
  • Numerous other improvements, including fixes to all known bugs (see the Changelog for additional details)

Open source components like the WinUAE, WinFellow and VICE emulation plugins, and the FloppyBridge library also were refreshed to the latest stable versions.

As always, we are grateful to the many friends who supported this project and our Amiga passion, vision and hope.

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