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Content Recognition by Description



This document explains the steps performed by RetroPlatform Player to recognize unknown titles by their description.



If content recognition by media fails (e.g. because the title contains no reognized media, or no media at all), other manifest attributes are considered:

  • Platform (e.g. "CBM", "Amiga")
  • System (e.g. "c-64", "c-16", etc.)
  • Publisher name or OID
  • Title
  • Year

If all of the above attributes are present and match a cataloged title, then the title is considered to be the same. If the publisher is unknown, or if the year is not set as four digits, or if any other field is incomplete (e.g. "-"), there is no match.

The software also uses an internal table in order to consider two systems equivalent for title recognition purposes. For example, titles with the same publisher, name and year for the C16 and Plus/4 would be considered the same in a fallback scenario where no additional details are available. Similarly, most Amiga computers other than the CDTV and CD³² are grouped into OCS, ECS and AGA models.

If multiple titles match the above criteria, only the first instance found is considered.

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