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Unknown Entity OID



This page is referenced as the homepage of the "Unknown Entity" object identifier, which is a fictitious entry used for cataloging purposes.



The RetroPlatform Library system, which is used for content cataloging and recognition, places a fairly high importance on the correct identification of the publishing entity. This might be the publisher (or label) of a game, the demoscene group who released a production, or a group of multiple entities.

The correct entity not only allows to build the relationships used for display and search purposes, but it further aids in disambiguation, for example to differentiate between titles having the same name, but linked to different entities, which often are completely different titles, with different configurations, screenshots, discussion threads, etc. (opposed to variants of the same title by the same entity).

The OID of the "Unknown Entity" is

If you know the correct entity that published the title(s) that references this page, please help improve the library by submitting the information.

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