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Removal of Cloanto MenuList Control (OCX)



Q: What is MenuList.ocx, and how do I remove it?



A: The Amiga Forever launcher as included in Amiga Forever 2005 and Amiga Forever 2006 is written in HTML and uses an ActiveX Control to display the list of items in the Games and Demos sections. This component, also developed by Cloanto, is named "MenuList".

If Amiga Forever was installed by the setup option, uninstalling it will also remove the MenuList control.

If Amiga Forever was not installed, but only run from CD, the MenuList control is listed in the system Internet Options, under Manage Add-ons, from where it can normally be deleted.

In some cases, e.g. if the file is in use, it may occur that the removal option is not available. In that case, it is safe to manually search for the "MenuList.ocx" and "UIMenuList.class" files in the system directory, and delete them.

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