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Executable Files and IDs Used in Cloanto Applications



Q: What is this executable file I found on my computer? What application is using this GUID, CLSID or OID I found in the registry?



A: The following is a list of executable files which are included in various applications published or distributed by Cloanto or its partners for use on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

All executable files are digitally signed with Microsoft Authenticode technology.

File Status Products
CURNCSEN.DLL Current Currency Server
CURNCSEN_64.DLL Current Currency Server
CURNCSDE.DLL Old Currency Server
CURNCSIT.DLL Old Currency Server
CURNCSMN.EXE Current Currency Server
CURNCSMP.EXE Current Currency Server
CURNCSRV.DLL Current Currency Server
CURNCSRV.EXE Current Currency Server
CURNCSVA.EXE Current Currency Server
CURNCSVM.EXE Current Currency Server
CURNCSVS.EXE Current Currency Server
CURNCSVX.EXE Current Currency Server
CURNCSRV.CPL Old Currency Server
CURNSRV5.DLL Current Currency Server
CURNSRV5_64.DLL Current Currency Server
CURNCUPL.EXE Old Currency Server
CurrencyUploader.exe Old Currency Server
CloantoCurrencyServer.dll Old Currency Server
CloantoCurrencyServer.asmx Old Currency Server
CurrencyServer.asmx Old Currency Server
CurrencyServer5.asmx Current Currency Server
CloantoCurrencyServer.wsdl Old Currency Server
Cloanto.Web.Services.CurrencyServer.dll Old Currency Server
CurrencyServer.dll Current Currency Server
ALPHASH.DLL Current AlphaShift, Accenti
ALPHASH.EXE Current AlphaShift, Accenti
ALPHASHF.EXE Current AlphaShift, Accenti
ALPHASHK.EXE Current AlphaShift, Accenti
ALPHASHP.CPL Current AlphaShift, Accenti
ALPHASHS.DLL Current AlphaShift, Accenti
ALPHASHW.DLL Current AlphaShift, Accenti
ALPHASHX.DLL Current AlphaShift, Accenti
UniLayer.dll Current AlphaShift, Accenti
amigafiles.dll Current Amiga Forever
AmigaForever.dll Current Amiga Forever
AmigaForever64.dll Current Amiga Forever
AmigaPlatform.dll Current Amiga Forever
WinFellowPlugin.dll Current Amiga Forever
WinUAEPlugin.dll Current Amiga Forever
AExplore.dll Current Amiga Explorer
c64files.dll Current C64 Forever
CBMPlatform.dll Current C64 Forever
VICEPlugin.dll Current C64 Forever
RPHost.dll Current RetroPlatform
RPHost64.dll Current RetroPlatform
RPHost.exe Old RetroPlatform
RPDataAccess.dll Current RetroPlatform
RPCatalog.exe Current RetroPlatform
RPGuest.dll Current RetroPlatform
RPGuest64.dll Current RetroPlatform
RPHostWR.dll Current RetroPlatform
RPHostWR64.dll Current RetroPlatform
RPSampleGuest.exe Current RetroPlatform
RPSamplePlugin.dll Current RetroPlatform
RPShell.dll Current RetroPlatform
RPShell64.dll Current RetroPlatform
calculator.exe Current SkinCalc, WorldCalc, Euro Calculator
SKINCALC.EXE Current SkinCalc
WORLDCALC.EXE Current WorldCalc
EUROCALC.EXE Current Euro Calculator
mailshift.exe Current MailShift
MenuBox.exe Current MenuBox
MenuList.ocx Current MenuList
UIMenuList.class Current MenuList
softdcmd.exe Current Software Director
softdir.cpl Current Software Director
softdir.dll Current Software Director
softdir.exe Current Software Director
softdirc.dll Current Software Director
softdirl.exe Current Software Director
softdiru.exe Current Software Director
softdirw.ocx Current Software Director
Software Director Scheduler.lnk Current Software Director
softmcmd.exe Old Software Manager
softmngr.exe Old Software Manager
softmsup.dll Old Software Manager
softmupd.exe Old Software Manager
webshift.exe Current WebShift
LegacyExtender.lib Current Legacy Extender
EditVersion.exe Current Legacy Extender
CRegister.exe Current Shared

The following is a list of GUID/CLSIDs (Microsoft's implementation of UUIDs, or universally unique identifiers) which are used in various applications published or distributed by Cloanto or its partners for use on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

GUID Status Products
0000942c-0500-11d9-9d11-0050c2490000 Current Software Director Web Check
52f9e3be-b8c8-11d9-bde2-0050c2490000 Current MenuList
6ba90d2a-0d19-11d2-92a5-00aa00ad2d73 Current Currency Server
6f4d4480-0d19-11d2-92a5-00aa00ad2d73 Current Currency Server
65647d9e-0d19-11d2-92a5-00aa00ad2d73 Current AlphaShift, Accenti
1e0f3f10-3036-11d1-a4cf-00a0c94203ae Current Amiga Explorer

The following is a list of OID (object identifier) namespace roots used by Cloanto or its partners.

OID Status Description Current Software Director Publisher Entities Current Currency System Entities and Feeds Current RetroPlatform OIDs

The following is a list of expansion board product numbers assigned under Cloanto's Commodore/Amiga Hardware Manufacturer ID (decimal 6502).

Product Number Status Description
1 Current VM Host/Guest I/O
2 Current Synthetic Sound Card

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