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Adding Content to the Amiga Forever Player



Q: How can I add (or remove) content from the player?



A:The release of Amiga Forever 2008 and its accessible and easy to use "one click to play" interface opened not only a world of new possibilities, but also a wealth of additional feature requests. We wanted the new player to be similar to a familiar media player, and this was achieved to the point that the bar was also raised for expectations and wishes.

In Amiga Forever 2009 adding or removing content is as easy as adding or removing RP9 Files from the Games or Demos folders. To access a file in the player, right-click a title and select Open File Location. The additional RP9 Toolbox tool makes it easy to import and export multiple items (e.g. scanning a hard disk, folder, DVD, etc.)

In Amiga Forever 2008 it was not yet possible to add or remove content from the individual Games and Demoscene player tabs. As in previous versions, emulation-specific configurations (e.g. .uae files) could however be accessed from the System tab ("WinUAE Configuration > Configurations > Load From...") The same configurations that were included in previous versions of Amiga Forever remain accessible in this way.

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