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Adding Content to the Amiga Forever Player



Q: How can I add (or remove) content from the player?



A: Adding or removing titles is as easy as adding or removing RP9 files to or from folders like Games or Demoscene.

If the title to be added is already in RP9 format, simply drag and drop it over the desired location. If the title is in any other format (e.g. a plain ADF image), play it back, and while it is playing, drag and drop the entry from the Now Playing list to the desired location (e.g. the Games folder).

Amiga Forever can also be used to play back or edit content from any folder that is accessible via Windows File Explorer. It is not strictly necessary to "add" the content to the Amiga Forever player. Within File explorer, one or more disk images can be right-clicked to Convert to RP9, while options for RP9 files include Edit.

To convert, import or export one or more titles to and from different formats and locations (RP9, ADF, etc.), select RP9 Toolbox from the Tools menu. The tool can also be used to scan a hard disk, folder, DVD, etc.

By default, all titles are stored under the "Titles" subdirectory of Amiga Files (or CBM Files, etc.) The disk location can be set at installation time, or it can be changed later. To change the location, right-click the folder in the player, and select Change Folder Location. This will move the content and update the required references. Additionally, folders that are on other disk locations may be added as links under Linked Folders.

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