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Q: Does Amiga Forever come with WHDLoad support?



A: WHDLoad ( is a software package that eases the installation and use of floppy-disk based games and demoscene productions on hard disk-based Amiga computers, including Amiga Forever. WHDLoad also supports the dynamic loading of the most appropriate Amiga system ROM ("kickemu") as part of the application startup process.

Starting from the 2011 version of Amiga Forever, the (unregistered) WHDLoad user package is preinstalled in the Workbench 3.X environment, preconfigured with the required ROM and RTB files. This means that within the Workbench 3.X environment WHDLoad titles can be run in the same way as on a normal Amiga computer. The WHDLoad-compatible file set is created in the Devs:Kickstarts directory of the Workbench 3.X configuration when the Plus Edition of Amiga Forever is installed. This location reflects the original location of disk-based ROMs on early A3000 models.

Additionally, the title authoring environment of Amiga Forever makes it possible to easily create a WHDLoad-based RP9 package that does not specifically depend on the Workbench 3.X environment. When you select "WHDLoad" as the system model for the title configuration, a "WHDCommon" volume is automatically mounted on playback. This contains the required ROM and RTB files, which are autodetected by WHDLoad.

The files installed by Amiga Forever include:

  • kick33180.A500, kick33180.A500.RTB (Amiga 500/2000 1.2 ROM, from amiga-os-120.rom)
  • kick34005.A500, kick34005.A500.RTB (Amiga 500/2000 1.3 ROM, from amiga-os-130.rom)
  • kick37175.A500, kick37175.A500.RTB (Amiga 500/600/2000 2.04 ROM, from amiga-os-204.rom)
  • kick39106.A1200, kick39106.A1200.RTB (Amiga 1200 3.0 ROM, from amiga-os-300-a1200.rom)
  • kick40063.A600, kick40063.A600.RTB (Amiga 500/600/2000 3.1 ROM, from amiga-os-310-a600.rom)
  • kick40068.A1200, kick40068.A1200.RTB (Amiga 1200 3.1 ROM, from amiga-os-310-a1200.rom)
  • kick40068.A4000, kick40068.A4000.RTB (Amiga 4000 3.1 ROM, from amiga-os-310-a4000.rom)

Some online resources also reference a "kick33192.A500" file, which however was confirmed to be a typo (it should read "kick33180.A500" - as of 2014, no 33.192 Amiga ROM is known to have ever been released).

The ROMs provided in Amiga Forever have been tested over time to be sufficient to run all Amiga games, demoscene productions, and other applications. Whenever this was verified to not be the case, ROMs were added.

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