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Q: Can I connect Amiga Explorer by using a USB serial interface?



A: Yes. As serial (RS-232) connectors vanished from modern PCs, USB interfaces have become a simple and inexpensive way to add a serial port.

USB serial interfaces tend to come with a 9-pin (male) connector, reflecting the type most commonly used in recent times, whereas the original series of Amiga computers had a wider 25-pin (male) connector. As this combination is no different than one involving a PC with a built-in serial port, the same null-modem serial cable instructions apply to the connection between the Amiga serial port and the USB serial interface on the PC side.

USB serial interfaces come with either a USB Type A or the more modern Type C plug type. You should choose the one that fits your PC.

Where possible, we recommend to choose a USB serial interface for which drivers are provided with the operating system or via Windows Update, without requiring a separate driver from the manufacturer. Look for something like "Windows 11 Support" in the product description. In our experience, devices built around the FTDI FT232RL chip have good driver support, and often have a more persistent COM port number across reboots, compared to some other chip types. If you choose a device that uses a different component (e.g. a chip by Prolific Technology or others), be sure to check for the availability of drivers for Windows 11, or whatever your operating system is.

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