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Q: Can I connect Amiga Explorer by using a USB serial interface?



A: Yes. As serial (RS-232) connectors vanished from modern PCs, USB interfaces have become a simple and inexpensive way to add a serial port.

USB serial interfaces tend to come with a 9-pin (male) connector, reflecting the type most commonly used in recent times, whereas the original series of Amiga computers had a wider 25-pin (male) connector. As this combination is no different than one involving a PC with a built-in serial port, the same null-modem serial cable instructions apply to the connection between the Amiga serial port and the USB serial interface on the PC side.

USB serial interfaces come with either a USB Type A or the more modern Type C plug type. You should choose the one that fits your PC.

Where possible, we recommend to choose a USB serial interface for which drivers are provided with the operating system or via Windows Update, without requiring a separate driver from the manufacturer. In our experience, devices built around the FTDI FT232RL chip have good driver support, and often have a more persistent COM port number across reboots, compared to some other chip types. If you choose a device that uses a different component (e.g. a chip by Prolific Technology or others), be sure to check for the availability of drivers for Windows 10, or whatever your operating system is.

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