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WinUAE, WinFellow and VICE Configuration Files



Q: How can I modify one of the default WinUAE, WinFellow or VICE emulation configurations?



A: In Amiga Forever and C64 Forever the software and title-specific options are abstracted from the low-level emulation options. This allows titles to be stored as cross-platform RP9 files that can be run by different "player" applications on a variety of desktop and mobile systems for years to come, even as the underlying emulation engines are updated and may use different low-level configurations. For example, in Amiga Forever for Windows titles may already be played back using either WinUAE or WinFellow.

The recommended approaches for changing settings are:

  • Program-wide options are set via the Options dialog, accessible from the Tools menu of the Amiga Forever player. Some of the settings that can be edited here include a choice of video modes, and default printer and MIDI devices.
  • Title-specific options, including Amiga and CBM hardware, RAM, media, etc., are set in the title editor, i.e. right-clicking a title and selecting Edit.

Under the hood, emulation engine configurations are built at runtime from data files located in a directory like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cloanto\Amiga Forever\Player\Plugins\WinUAEPlugin" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cloanto\C64 Forever\Player\Plugins\VICEPlugin", plus some data generated on the fly by the software (also based on settings such as those in Tools/Options). The data is constructed in four steps:

  • The shared data file (shared.ini) is loaded first
  • Data from a configuration-specific file (e.g. a-500.ini) is added
  • Software-generated data is added
  • Data from override.ini is added last

Although this is not a recommended approach, the individual INI files are editable.

The plugin logging options can be used to verify the resulting .uae, .wfc and .ini files after launching a title.

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