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Player and Plugin Logging Options



This article explains how to create log files, which may help for technical support purposes.



Amiga Forever and C64 Forever include logging options to better document the system configuration and issues that may occur during an emulation session.

To write a general configuration log (not specific to an emulation session), select "Write Log File" from the Help/Developer menu.

To enable emulation runtime logging, select the "Log Plugin Sessions" options (there is one for each plugin) under Help/Developer. Then start an emulation session until you experience the issue, close the session, and select "Open Last Log File" from the Help/Developer menu.

If, due to an issue (e.g. the emulation ceasing to respond), the session can't be terminated, it may be necessary to quit the software altogether and start it again, after which "Open Last Log File" may show a newer log archive.

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