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Transferring Amiga Connectivity Software Files from PC to Amiga



Amiga-PC data sharing software is great to move data between the two environments, but getting the software itself on an Amiga with no internet and no PC file system can be a chicken and egg situation.



The Amiga side of the Amiga Explorer networking software consists of one Amiga executable file ("AExplorer") and its paired Amiga icon file (""), which must be copied to the Amiga in order for the PC-Amiga networking software to run. This is the "server", which the "client" on the other side (e.g. Windows) talks to. In order to use Amiga Explorer on both the PC and an Amiga, these two files must be copied to the Amiga, and "AExplorer" must be started with a double-click (or copying it to "WBStartup", or adding an entry to the Startup-Sequence).

After the Windows side is installed, right-click the Amiga Explorer ("Amiga") icon and select Setup Wizard to access or transfer the Amiga files. The following options are available:

  • Copy the files manually
  • Use a previous Amiga version of Amiga Explorer
  • Use a null-modem serial cable

If you prefer to copy the files manually, the following are some possible ways to copy the files.

  • If you are going to use Amiga Explorer over a null-modem serial cable, right-click the Amiga Explorer ("Amiga") icon on the Desktop, select Setup, and follow the instructions to have the files automatically copied over the serial cable. Even an old 1.2 or 1.3 Workbench floppy disk can be used to boot the Amiga. This method is pretty amazing if you are familiar with the technical difficulties involved, as no terminal, PC file system, Amiga Basic, or additional software other than a bootable Amiga are required by this process. On the other hand, a disadvantage of this method is that the initial part works without error handling, so it is not always easy to troubleshoot.
  • If you have Workbench 2.1 or higher, or if you otherwise have a DOS file system such as Dos-2-Dos or CrossDos, you can copy the files to the floppy disk on the PC, and then read them on the Amiga. The "Copy to Floppy" command in the Amiga Explorer application folder in the Windows Start menu automatically copies the Amiga files to the PC floppy. After the files have been copied, it is important to make sure that these file names are restored, if they were modified by the copy process (if the Amiga does not support long DOS file names). Some Amiga computers do not support high-density floppy disks, in which case you need to use an Amiga floppy disk, and format it on the PC at 720 kb (not 1.44 MB).
  • If you have an Amiga with an optical drive and/or internet access, burning the Amiga files to a CD or DVD, or sharing the files via email are good ways to copy them from the PC to the Amiga.

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