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Amiga Explorer 7 Released

June 11, 2018 - Cloanto, Amiga software developers since 1986, released today version 7 ( of Amiga Explorer, the Amiga-PC networking software that first saw the light in 1997.

New features include:

  • Added Offline option to the Amiga Explorer icon context menu (prevents undesired connection attempts)
  • Support for serial devices with COM port numbers higher than 9
  • Recognition of hardware where the speed cannot be set or changed
  • Support for additional types of serial devices, also with limited serial port emulation (e.g. USB dongles, Bluetooth dongles)
  • Improved stability and handling of connection errors
  • Context help in the Properties dialog is now based on auto-show tooltips
  • The Amiga Explorer icon is now also included in the "Network location" group of the "This PC" namespace
  • Enhanced support for high-DPI display modes (high-resolution Amiga Explorer icon, etc.)
  • Unified 32-bit and 64-bit installer
  • Minor bug fixes

Upgrades are free to all Amiga Explorer and Amiga Forever Plus Edition customers. Amiga Explorer is also free to try under a shareware license (registration is appreciated, but many features can be fully used in trial mode).

The Amiga and Windows "core" Amiga Explorer source code is available to a closed group on GitHub. The plan is to extend the open source availability once an improved version of the data exchange protocol reaches stable status.

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