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Ameeega, Anyone? :-)

January 15, 2008 - Following last week's preview of Amiga Forever 2008 running without modifications on a One Laptop per Child XO laptop, Cloanto is pleased to confirm that Amiga Forever also runs on the Asus Eee PC.

Cloanto are Amiga software developers since 1986, and publishers of the successful line of Amiga Forever products since 1997. A version of Amiga Forever capable of not only running, but also booting on the Asus Eee PC is planned for release in 2008. Development remains intense on additional features and add-ons, and more surprise announcements are planned for 2008.

Amiga Forever 2008 on Asus Eee PC
Amiga Forever on an Asus Eee PC

Special thanks to Simon Dick for his precious contribution and long time support.


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