Amiga Forever by Cloanto
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Cloanto at Amiga Expo 2002

On March 29-31, 2002, Cloanto attended the Amiga Expo 2002 show in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Amiga Forever on a TransNote (foreground)

Dale Luck (with hat) and Andy Finkel

The banquet

Amiga friends

Kermit Woodall

Amiga friends in Atlanta, GA

Other Fall-Winter 2001-2002 Events

Cloanto at Spoletium 4 (Spoleto, Italy)

Cloanto at World of Amiga 2001 (London, United Kingdom)

Cloanto at Amiga 2001 (Köln, Germany)

Cloanto at Pianeta Amiga 2001 (Empoli, Italy)

Cloanto at SAKU 2001 (Helsinki, Finland)

Cloanto at Alt-WoA 2002 (Huddersfield, United Kingdom)

Cloanto at AmiGBG 2002 (Göteborg, Sweden)