Amiga Forever by Cloanto
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Cloanto at Computer '98

On November 13-15, 1998, Cloanto attended the Computer '98 show in Köln, Germany.

Evening before the show, at Früh's

Paul Nolan (Photogenics, right)

Ben Vost (Amiga Format, left)

Greg Perry and Jonathan Potter (DOpus)

Andrew Korn (CU Amiga, middle)

Petro Tyschtschenko (left)

Aaron Digulla (AROS, right)

Bernd Schmidt (UAE, right)

Peter Kittel (right)

Urban Müller (Aminet, right)

More pictures from day 1

The dome, day and night

Amiga evening at Küppers'

Mike Battilana (Cloanto), Richard Small (GTI)
and Stefan Ossowski (Schatztruhe)

Nicole Gottfried (Petro's assistant, right)


More pictures from day 3